Resources for Greenbrier County, WV

To Report Suspected Abuse:

Greenbrier County Sherriff’s Department

Animal Control Officer, James Shortridge (304)-645-9080

or 911 Non-Emergency (304)-647-7911

DO NOT trespass, for your safety and the safety of others. If you can see conditions from a safe distance, document the time, place, whether the animal has water or food, and protection from extreme heat or cold. If you can safely take photos, report this to the Greenbrier County ACO and follow up. Please be advised, it is illegal to take matters into your own hands to get involved, to remove an animal from premise or to access property and prevents proper documentation of cruelty or neglect from the owner.

Lost and Found Pets:

Greenbrier Humane Society

151 Holiday Lane, Lewisburg, WV 24901  

(304) 645-4775

PLEASE KEEP A COLLAR AND ID TAG ON YOUR ANIMAL; & GET YOUR PETS MICRO-CHIPPED. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO ENSURE THAT YOUR PET RETURNS HOME. There are break-away ID collars for cats that will ensure the safety of your kitty should he/she get caught up on something.

I’ve lost my pet!
If you’ve lost your pet, make sure you contact GHS right away so they can be on the lookout for him/her and post a lost report it on our lost/found board at the animal shelter.  Please provide as many details in your pet’s description as possible, so they can distinguish your pet from other animals.  If you have a picture of the lost animal, please provide it with the description! Also helps to alert your local vets office.

I’ve found somebody’s pet! (No tag or ID)
Many times pets accidentally escape and then forget how to get home.  If there is an ID tag on the animal, then please contact the owner and/or bring the animal to the shelter so they can contact the owner for you. DO NOT RE-HOME THE ANIMAL ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT CONTACTING GHS. IT BELONGS TO SOMEONE AND BY ENFORCEABLE LAW, IS SOMEONE’S PROPERTY. If the animal does not have an ID tag, GHS will scan him/her for a microchip.  Strays are given seven days at the shelter for an owner to claim, before they are put up for adoption.

GHS will post lost and found animals in two ways:
1. If  someone has found and turned in a animal and you see that they have your animal and it was listed like this you will need to bring them: 1- the animal’s rabies certificate, 2- proof that you paid your animals county tags.
2. If you see that animal control has found your animal you will have to speak with Animal Control  first, Officer Shortridge (304-645-9080)
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