Local Efforts

We’ve also shifted our focus in 2018 to provide life-saving emergency assistance to critically undeserved animals throughout Greenbrier County, West Virginia. We are working to build relationships in our community ground up, with the help of Law Enforcement to provide support to companion animals inhumanely tethered outdoors with no access to adequate care, food and shelter from extreme seasons. Our state laws regarding cruelty and humane treatment of outdoor animals are hard to enforce.

Our goal is to assist undeserved and at risk animals in our community, to provide straw, food and emergency assistance while we advocate for stronger anti-cruelty laws in our County.

We believe in outreach and education, responsible ownership and the importance of spay/neuter programs and its effects on the community. We’re working towards the same goals, please like and share our page to start helping animals in your network as well as those in need here in the mountain state. If you need help reporting abuse or have found a lost animal: https://crtrescue.org/resources-help/

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