Welcome TO CRTRescue

Country Roads Transport Rescue, an all breed 501(c)3 non profit. Our goal is to network, transport & foster undeserved code red animals in West Virginia shelter systems with the goal of moving as many as possible to the safety of waiting rescues. We started this group in 2014 with one volunteer, driving personal vehicles and driving short legs as part of a larger volunteer effort to help rural pounds move animals under euthanasia deadlines. We have over time grown to serve more needs in our county and surrounding areas, providing emergency medical assistance to low income pet owners, donating housing and straw to animals resigned to lives on a chain at the mercy of the elements and working to continue to educate the importance of spay/neuter and responsible pet ownership within our community. If you can help us drive a leg, donate some straw, or help save a life by fostering a shelter dog, or to just learn more about how you can help be a hero to animals in need contact us at info@crtrescue.org

Thank you from the CRTRescue Team
Valerie C.
Founder & Transport Coordinator